This is an exploration game where you must help the little robot to complete his mission.

The only problem is that it doesn't know what its mission is any longer...

  • Game is best enjoyed in fullscreen, else the narrator blocks the view
  • Don't stand to close to walls/doors when you place things on the ground, else you can get stuck. :pensive:
  • Game has no audio (we ran out of time to create any) so put on your best song in your own music playlist
  • Movement - W, A, S, D
  • Shooting - Arrowkeys
  • Pickup items - Spacebar
  • Interact with items - E, Y, N
  • Quit - Escape
***** Fixes 2017-08-03 *****
  • Increased the bomb explosion radius to prevent the player from getting stuck in walls/doors when placing bombs (it's now 2.5 times bigger)  
  •  Clarified if the little robot ran out of life or power at game over screen

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